April: seasonal food

With the arrival of April, a super special season begins and that in addition to being full of colors and aromas, marks the beginning of good weather.

In addition to gradually enjoying a warmer climate, the days are also getting longer, and personally we love it, since the day lasts much longer if at the end of classes or work, you still have a few moments of sun. Some people prefer wintertime, but we are fans of summertime and its long sunny days.

Likewise, spring is a time when most vegetation begins to gain strength after the harsh winter, and we can see super colorful landscapes full of a wide variety of flowers and plants of all kinds. The same happens with vegetables, vegetables, and fruits, since many of them find at this time of year, the ideal time to grow. Also, we can find tasty meat and fish that belong to this season, being able to access these at more competitive prices and enjoy all their flavor. Do you want to know which are our favorite foods of the month of April? Keep reading!

Our favorite seasonal foods

During the month of April, these are some of the foods that are considered seasonal and that, therefore, are at their optimum and tastiest moment to be consumed:


Although we could find many of them throughout the year, if we had to choose our seasonal favorites, they would be apricots, cherries, strawberries and strawberries, kiwi, any citrus fruit such as oranges or mandarins, loquats or grapefruit.

Vegetables and greens

In this case, our preferred options, which are at their peak of flavor, are: Swiss chard, artichokes, zucchini, green asparagus, spinach, green beans, tomatoes that are already starting to be tastier and eggplant.


It is easy to find meats of all kinds throughout the year, but if we had to choose some examples for the month of April, they would be pork, suckling pig, lamb, veal, or cow.


Our favorites for April, although quite timeless and present throughout the year are tuna, cod, sole, sea bass, mussels, hake, oysters, monkfish, salmon, cuttlefish, and trout.


The variety of seasonal foods that we can find at this time of year is immense, and if you also like to cook, what better way to do it than in super-equipped and spacious kitchens, in which the hours of preparation will go much faster and will help you to inspire your creativity. If you have identified with the latter, we encourage you to visit our apartments and buildings for students and young professionals in Barcelona, ??where kitchens have an important design and equipment component, so that cooking is a pleasure.

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