Apartments for students with great nightlife!

Apartments for students with great nightlife!


5 of the hottest spots….




Also known as the “gayxample” or the “gayborhood” because of its gay community, 90% of its streets and barrios take on a very symmetrical and very square like shape, the area is now divided into what is known today as Left Eixample and Right Eixample. It boasts of bars and dance clubs for all likes and dislikes, some even being the trendiest, also the place to be during fashion week where you will find all of the top brands in fashion and jewelry.


Barecelona Paseo Maritimo- Vila Olimpca


Ideal for any summer stroll but of course full of tourists. The reason being? Location Location. Situated between the beach and the marina its variety in pubs, rooftop terraces and clubs offers something for everyone. Be it winter, summer or autumn, an afternoon outing is inevitable.




The gateway to the VIP district of Barcelona, where you will find the most exclusive bars and restaurants of the most cosmopolitan city in all of Europe.


Marià Cubí – Santaló


Two streets where you will find all the socialites of Barcelona’s glitterati, nevertheless the common man is welcomed and even on a student’s budget one can enjoy what the bars and pubs have to offer. Two thumbs up for its awesome yet “chilled-out” vibe.


…4 must-see areas


Teatre Principal (Las Ramblas, 27)


If Barcelona is known for something it’s definitely itssavoir faire. This former theater which formed part of the old city has been transformed into anduberdance club and an international Mecca where all of the best DJ’s come to spin in an electronic music paradise.


Opium (Paseo Martimo, 34)


For all those who like to start their weekend on a Thursday…..wait! This place only opens weekends and can allow itself that luxury for being the most happening club in the city. Known for its prime real estate and beachside terraces.


Shoko (Paseo Maritimo, 36)


And if you don’t have the patience to wait until Friday and want to get your dance on, two houses down the Paseo Maritimo, you’ll find this very fengshui restaurant, that each night transforms into a dance club.


Bling, Bling (Tuset, 10)


Catering to an older and more selective crowd, this place distinguishes itself for its elegance and luxury, a mixture of both a local and international clientele. 

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