Advantages of being a student and living abroad

Advantages of being a student and living abroad

Are you thinking of studying a university career abroad and do not know if to make the jump? Perhaps it is time to fly, pursue your studies and your dreams in a city as cosmopolitan and open as Barcelona. Dare to live outside of what you already know, get out of your control and comfort zone, and fly! These are some reasons why everyone should study or live abroad sometime:

You will improve your languages

Living in a student apartment and having roommates from other nationalities will give you the opportunity to open your mind, communicate better with people from other cultures and make new friends with perspectives totally different from yours. Speaking a language other than your mother tongue has great advantages for your brain, as it helps you improve certain cognitive skills and makes memory easier.

You will learn to live alone with yourself

You will become your best life partner. And when you least expect it, you will start connecting with international students, roommates or residences, new friends or people who will become like your family abroad.

Possibility to reinvent yourself, mature and grow personally, spiritually and professionally.

By living and studying outside obtaining other perspectives, values ??and challenges, you experience immense growth in your person. You learn to be independent and watch over yourself. When you travel and live alone or alone, you know things about yourself that you would never have discovered otherwise.

You will expand your creative capacity and expand your mind

You will use your wits to survive and enjoy every experience! If you break the barrier of social reality that you yourself have built, and create another, you will immediately acquire a more analytical and global perspective.

You will become more flexible and less materialistic

You will be flexible to pack your life in a pair of suitcases and perhaps work in trades that in your country would not be an option. Each place has its own rules so you will have to discover them, investigate them and adapt to them. Do you know how good it feels to detach yourself from the things you thought were important?

You will appropriate other cultures and love them

As a result of living in a new country you will interact with new languages, religions, customs and cultures that will make you understand that you still have much to explore and that your world is smaller than you thought, expand!

You will change the perception you have of your country of origin.

You will feel a citizen of the world, not just where you were born. You will notice things that you love and miss about your country of origin and that you did not know, or others that you do not like so much and that you value more than the country where you are living the experience.

And yes, you will never be the same as before: if one day you return to your country of origin, nothing will ever be the same. You have returned with a backpack loaded with new cultures, studies, emotions and friends. You will feel different, that everything lived has made you a new person!

Being a student and living abroad is and will always be a great adventure!

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