5 tips to successfully complete a city / country transfer

There's nothing like a comfort zone, right? A familiar environment where you can interact without fear, without worries, supported by a marked routine and surrounded by your family and friends.

 Suddenly great news! You have been accepted at your most desired university or you have received a super scholarship to study for a time at one of the most prestigious schools in your sector, but in another country or city. Nerves on the surface, the desire to start, but ... what is that strange feeling? Ah! the fear. Fear of the unknown, of leaving your well-off bubble where you must leave your loved ones behind in order to embark on a new path in what will surely mark the rest of your life.

 Have you ever felt like this? Don't worry, it is a healthy fear that, if managed correctly, can become precious and fun learning. Therefore, today we are going to teach you how to successfully overcome a city or country transfer with these 5 keys:

Discover your new destination in advance

 It is very important to study in advance the destination in which you are going to live for a while, because thanks to that, you will be able to recognize its streets, its customs or its environment more easily. Investigate well the route that goes from your new home to the university, more typical places where you can have a drink, clothing stores, cultural activities. Thanks to that little investigation, when you land, you will feel that you are already a little more part of that city.

 For this we recommend that you open an interactive map on Google Maps or the app that best suits you and mark all the points and routes of interest.

Prepare your stay strategically

 Before moving, it is vital to know where you are going to stay for the next month’s / years that the degree or course lasts. Therefore, you should create a list of needs starting with the environment, such as the location (near your university or study center), if you prefer a quiet area or with more atmosphere, or near a more commercial area. Next, you should consider what type of habitat suits you best (shared apartment, residence, university campus ...) Remember that in Vanguard Student Housing you can find the best of living a totally independent experience with all the services of a community (equipped apartments, knowing people from all over the world, common areas and maximum comfort).

 Plan your first 7 days

 Staying busy for the first 7 days will help make your new home a comforting place. For this reason, we recommend that the first week of your new stage, you live it full of plans (cultural activities, having a drink with your colleagues or walking through the streets of your new city). Thanks to that, you will adapt more easily and can avoid those uncomfortable moments of loneliness.

 Share the experience with your loved ones

 One way to feel your family and friends close is to be able to explain your day to day. You can record a vlog (video blog), write messages with your plans for the day or make video calls to your closest friends so that the distance is not so noticeable.

 They should never be called negative, and you should always tell how amazing and brave this experience is.


 There is no better adaptation than meeting new people. Both from other countries and cities and locals, it is very positive that you can find common ground with your roommates, residence or course.

 Thanks to that, you can make plans together and your day by day will be the most fun and enjoyable.

 With these 5 tips, there will be no new change that will resist you.

 Welcome to your new life!

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