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What you do not expect in an apartment for students, it is what you will recommend us to other students

But perhaps you think of some chaos, especially on college floors with more rooms. The German student, who loves to cook for his roommates, but never does the dishes, Mexican student who amuses us with his stories but leaving the bathroom a mess after showering ... In the shared apartment with other students , you need to have some tolerance, but if the accommodation is well designed to accommodate several young people can minimize discomfort.

Student Housing in Barcelona, with each university new floor, move into the details so that everything is as organized as possible. Have your own numbered space in fridge and freezer, storage space and even your own bathroom accessories so you have all your things tidy.

I recently saw a TV commercial for a famous brand of furniture and decoration the slogan "is not magic, it is order" and that is precisely what we try to convey in our apartments for students. In addition, our cleaning service maintains residence in perfect magazine.

And in case of unforeseen, students have a Help Point where you will find a flashlight whether to light, a copy of the keys for students clueless or a medicine cabinet in case the cook lover of the house suffers a burn. An area with tourist information, the shopping cart... a myriad of details that will make you recommend our university apartments ... And you will never want to stop being a student!

You miss something? Suggestions are welcome! :)