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The use of mobiles by Young people

The influence of the mobiles in our lives is each time more notable… Especially on young´s lives, the ones known as the Y Generation or “Millennials”, that grown up with the mobiles as part as their lives and nowadays are increasingly dependent on them.

The way we communicate has changed, including the students´ lives, the way they study is different, virtual campus, online exams… We live on a change period where making friends and falling in love is at the same time easier and more complicated… But, finally… How does the mobile participate on young people´s lives?

On a research conducted by O2, the commercial brand of Telefónica UK, found out that:

  • 90% of the Young people check out their Smartphones before the breakfast
  • 75% use the mobile on the bed
  • 46% text during the dinner with the family
  • 35% use their Smartphones on the bathroom
  • 40% get anxious without the mobile
  • 90% share pictures online
  • 65% spend more time online than offline with the friends

What about you? How do you use you mobile phone?  Do you consider yourself part of this cluster?  

Don´t forget that life passes while you are connected! Enjoy at most the experiences that life offers you and try to find a balance between the times that you are connected on you Smartphones or other electronic device and the time you are connected to life! =)